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It is smart to use new methods if a company wants more revenue and to remain competitive. Students and professionals can use these methods to open doors and gain career benefits as well as long as everyone picks the right approach and knows which element will benefit them. Thus, when you are considering a new method, we recommend starting with LSS at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for West Palm Beach High School Students of Florida.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not new. It has been used in many industries for the past decade, and we also need to add the 20+ years it has been used in manufacturing alone. 

However, nowadays, it is being used by individuals and businesses alike to benefit their personal and business growth and not just manufacturing.

Lean 6 Sigma was founded in the 80s and has been used extensively to reduce waste and improve the quality of processes and people’s lives. Other principles can be added depending on the origin of the methodology.

It is crucial to learn the methodology and then get trained in how to apply it. It is not enough to just follow a structure.

Let’s be clear: Your main goal should be to reduce waste and eliminate variations. This method also includes other aspects such as customer satisfaction or solving problems.

Six Sigma is a highly effective but difficult-to-implement process in a business, and this can become even more difficult when it is for a personal project or purpose. Knowing how to combine all aspects to get the desired results is crucial.

Many companies that offer planning services won’t be capable of adapting to your goals or requirements because they might not have the same knowledge in Sigma as you do.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of West Palm Beach has all the tools and options to help you learn LSS and then implement it yourself. Companies have the option to hire our services and use the methodology for their own projects.

What can we do for you? These services and solutions can all be provided:

  • Yellow Belt Training & Green Belt Training.
  • All Belts are eligible to receive Lean Six Sigma Certification.
  • LSS for high school, school boards, and all students.
  • LSS for community colleges.
  • Individuals, groups, and companies can also get additional leadership excellence and innovation consulting (professionals and students alike).

How Was Lean Six Sigma Created?

LSS has existed since the 1980s, and although it has been going around for decades, people just focus on how it works, but they don’t provide any background information about how it was developed or how it changed over time. Many companies are only interested in selling their services or training.

Lean Six Sigma History-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum West Palm Beach

First, Lean Six Sigma is not what people believe. It is a combination of Six Sigma and Lean methods, and it was created to be as competitive and customer-friendly as the Japanese Kaizen method.

How do you choose which method to use if LSS can be obtained from two different methods?

This is a valid question considering that Six Sigma and Lean are both excellent methods to implement individually, but they aren’t as complete as LSS.

It is important to understand the components and principles of each. Let’s answer the question, “What are Six Sigma and Lean?”

Lean, also known as the original, focuses on reducing waste and helping businesses and companies increase productivity and efficiency. To use this method, a company must be capable of understanding and anticipating the process.

What is Lean referring to as “waste?” Any element, talent, and material that slows down, lower efficiency or raises production costs, or adversely affects any aspect of the company or process is considered waste.

This could result in additional steps, which can lead to more variants. Keeping your focus on one level will reduce the number and cost of steps, allowing you to get more out of your efforts.

Companies must manage eight types of waste. These include waiting, unutilized talent, and defective transportation. You will see the same waste when you use Lean to improve your processes.

Six Sigma is the next stage; it focuses on issues and variations.

Six Sigma is a collection of tools and principles that can help businesses reduce variation and get the products and services they want. Problem-solving is essential when learning Six Sigma.

Six Sigma can be used to eliminate variation in companies. This follows the DMAIC structure: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum West Palm Beach

On the other hand, Lean Six Sigma shares some principles with Lean while still integrating 6 Sigma in structure and core goals. We must, however, list the most common and important ones LSS has adopted.

  1. Focus on the client/customer and work hard.
  2. Find the problem, then find a solution.
  3. Reduce bottlenecks and eliminate variations.
  4. Employee engagement can be increased.
  5. For a company to succeed, it must be flexible and adaptable.

LSS and its integration can best be described as a matter involving flow and circumstance. You decide whether additional resources, practices, or methods are necessary for implementation.

This will allow you to understand Lean Six Sigma implementation and how it should all be done.

  • It is crucial to integrate lean principles and goals.
  • Consider the Six Sigma goals when adapting the tools.
  • Kaizen had a significant influence on it. LSS is a way of addressing the need for competition.

This will lead to a more focused method that includes the most important aspects of efficiency and results for all practitioners.

Why Is Lean Six Sigma Important?

This is the most frequent question our clients ask when they are considering hiring our services.

We encourage you to ask questions and share your doubts in order to help you understand why LSS is the best option.

We remind you that LSS can be used for any of these:

  • A company or business.
  • A person who wants to improve their career and acquire valuable skills.

LSS for companies and businesses is about improving processes and making them more productive, as we’ve already discussed.

Systemic Innovation Consulting-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum West Palm Beach

LSS might seem redundant when there are so many options like Six Sigma or Lean, but it has many advantages.

  • Lean Six Sigma can help you achieve both short-term and long-term goals.
  • It’s cheaper and takes less time to find the right people.
  • It can be used to solve company problems or address other business needs.
  • This will allow you to create a culture of continuous improvement for your future success.
  • It is available to all types of businesses, regardless of their size.

What about those who train for their own personal use?

Well, you can learn the basics of LSS to boost your career and gain career benefits.

Experts will integrate LSS into companies and businesses, but they also need to be skilled in LSS to use it in their daily lives and professional careers.

Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum West Palm Beach

These are the main benefits to help you understand what you can expect as an entrepreneur or student.

  1. You can earn credits towards your graduation from high school or college.
  2. There are better job opportunities.
  3. Any industry or company can use your expertise.
  4. Learn how to manage teams and projects.
  5. Learn how to work under pressure.
  6. This course will provide you with hands-on experience in quality management.
  7. Your curriculum will be more attractive.
  8. This can help you to build your career.

Lean Six Sigma Training for All Individuals

LSS encompasses many aspects, including the belt in which you will be trained and certified.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of West Palm Beach can help you determine the right belt or level based on your needs and goals. This will allow you to achieve all your professional and personal goals without having to sacrifice your budget or other activities.

Depending on your preferences and requirements, we can offer LSS training to your employees. Students in high school and college can also benefit from the practice. We can train them in small groups or individually if they are students.

The client must choose a belt level to train in. These are the highest-level belts that we offer clients.

  • Yellow belt: This belt focuses on the “basics,” basic concepts, and principles of data collection. These tools are useful for smaller tasks such as data analysis or measuring projects. These tools will allow you to collaborate on projects with other people and companies.
  • Green belt: This will give you more hands-on experience with Six Sigma and Lean. Advanced training is required to be able to work on large-scale projects.

Anybody who has been trained in these belts is eligible to apply for the positions or fill in the gaps depending on the possibilities and opportunities. However, one thing is missing: LSS Belt certification.

Our company can issue the certification. It will be recognized internationally as an official certification.

What are the requirements for becoming an LSS Certified?

  • You must have completed either the yellow or green belt training.
  • Pass the exam with at least 290 points out of 400.
  • We will issue certification if you meet all requirements. You could become certified if you pass the exam even if you didn’t receive any training from us.

What Can You Learn from Our Experts in Lean 6 Sigma?

One of our most requested services is Leadership Excellence. This program is great for professionals and students to learn how to manage large teams and assume important roles in their professional lives.

Our workshops and sessions on Innovation Consulting have also been a huge success for many companies and individuals. They are now more competitive in their industries, and it is all thanks to how we manage innovation.

These services are available to anyone, but LSS is the best as it can offer benefits at every stage of life. We place a lot of emphasis on training and certifications. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.